Our Mission

The #GOODGIVESBACK Direct-Donation program is all about supporting Action Groups that are the absolute best at what they do. We choose to donate a significant portion of revenue equally to all of the groups we select. 
These Key Organizations are performing crucial work Worldwide to help People in need, Wildlife and the Environment. They're actively making the World a better place for all of us to live and recreate.
Lending a helping hand to people who put themselves in harms way to help people and the Planet is at the core of who we are as people and as a company.  Every purchase, helps someone in need somewhere in the World and we think that's pretty rad!!

Waves For Water

Providing clean drinking water filters to rural and remote areas and the people that live there. Everyone deserves clean water to drink, cook with and for sanitization.

Surfers Not Street Children

Showing the youth in the most gang dominated areas of our World that there is a better life out there, through surfing and connecting with pro surfers and mentors.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Getting their hands dirty is an understatement, they pull trash and unreal amounts of plastics from the coastline of Hawaii and raise awareness globally for the pollution epidemic which is killing our Marine dependent wildlife and poisoning us as humans. If the ocean dies, we all die too. We're not going to let that happen.

Sea Shepherd

TV shows have made them famous for their heroism in the fight against illegal whaling in our Oceans, in some of the most forbidding and dangerous seas in the World. But, they do much more than just save whales, they literally fight back to protect marine animals of all kinds, no matter if they swim, waddle or fly.


There is a divine quality among protectors, especially for those who cannot yet protect themselves, they are strong beyond customary definitions, brave in ways most will never believe. We support the efforts of this group wholeheartedly, as they combat human trafficking and hunt down predators that prey on our children and peace.

 Wildland FireFighter Foundation

By request from our very own Hotshot Wildland FireFighter Matt H. Have you ever driven through a forest and seen a Firehouse? That feeling of comfort is the essence of their work. Directly and indirectly saving lives, protecting the environment and being generally some of the gnarliest humans on planet earth, packing into the most remote areas to fight fire with fire. For all of those that don't make it home or return injured we support WFF and their work.